Top Quality Non‑GMO Products

Our goal is to provide top quality meat at an affordable price
for our community.

Our beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, and eggs are raised by us here on the farm, the same location of the store. All are fed a non-gmo corn grain diet from crops grown here on our farm, we also grow our own straw for bedding. They are also handled daily by us to ensure the best care for our animals.

We Are A Family Farm

We offer natural farm-raised non-GMO grain fed beef, pork, chicken, turkeys around thanksgiving, and non-GMO naturally raised eggs, all of which are raised by my husband, kids, and me on our farm. We also offer local maple syrup, local honey, and crooked creek milk all through our freezer meat store on our farm. We also sell hay when in season and straw.


Please double check to make sure the meat you picked out or if we put your order together, looks good before you leave our store. It is up to you to make sure what you walk out with is to your liking. We dont know whether or not you want a cut that is fattier or not, everyones preference is different. That is the glory of us having vacuumed sealed meat, you can see it before you buy it. Once it is paid for and leaves the store we assume it is to your liking and is non-refundable!

Our Products

What We Offer

We have a variety of non-GMO meats including beef, pork, and poultry available by the pound, and in bundles. We also have eggs and dairy products, as well as honey and maple syrup. And check out our online store for our full inventory including Sawmill Creek merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts, and coolers!

| Winner of the 2023 Best Beef in the West Award

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