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We offer natural farm raised non gmo beef, pork, chicken, turkeys around thanksgiving, and non gmo naturally raised eggs, all of which are raised by my husband, kids, and I on our farm. We also offer local maple syrup, local honey, and crooked creek milk all through our freezer meat store on our farm. We also sell beef by quarters halves, and wholes, pork by halves and wholes, hay and straw

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We are a family farm

Our beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, and eggs are raised by us here on the farm, the same location of the store. All are fed a non-gmo grain and grass diet. They are also handled daily by us to ensure the best care for our animals. Our goal is to provide top quality meat at an affordable price for our community. The honey and maple syrup are locally sourced, and the milk we offer is from Crooked Creek Farm Dairy.

What our customers are saying

I recently visited the farm and wanted to prepare a variety of meats with my purchases before adding my review but this kind of quality sells itself. A simple way to sum up the quality of the beef and pork is to simply say that this is the way the meats are supposed to taste which is clean and delicious which sums up phenomenal. Nothing extra but the care, love and time that is put into the raising and processing of the animals which can be tasted in every cut of meat and every bite. Support your local farmers.

Pedro- a very satisfied customer

About Our story

Go to the about us page to learn about how we got started with our journey and our heart warming story.

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