From our farm to your table


What our farm has to offer

Here is all we have to offer at our farm. Please understand that everything is raised by us and we are not like a grocery or farm store. If we are out of a particular cut of meat we usually are not out long but we do have to harvest a whole animal in order to get meat in so we sometimes run out of certain cuts for a short amount of time. What we offer in our store is frozen, so it is freezer meat. We keep our freezers below 0 to ensure freshness longer, and we do retain a retail food license and get inspected yearly by the USDA. Our hay and straw is self serve and also first come first serve. we also harvest those ourselves so if we are out we are out until next harvest.


We offer beef by the pound in our store at affordable prices as well as quarters halves and wholes.


We also offer pork by the pound in our store as well as halves and wholes

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meat bundles

We have meat bundles available in our store at a reasonable price. 


We offer chicken by the pound and do whole, halved, quartered, eight piece, thighs, legs and wings, and breasts


We will offer turkey towards thanksgiving, We are now taking pre orders.

Hay and straw

When available we offer Hay and straw self serve in front of our store. We harvest this ourselves from our land so when we are out we will be out until next harvest.


We offer Eggs By the Dozen

What our customers are saying

The best beef roast I have ever tasted. Melted like butter in our mouths! We will be buying all of our meats from Sarah at Sawmill Creek Farms!!!

Tania- Mo Chocolate Plz