From our farm to your table


Our story

My name is Sarah knust and my husbands name is nick. We are a crop and livestock farm that raises corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, cattle, and pigs. We sell self serve straw and when available we also offer self serve hay. All of the meat sold in our store is raised right here on our farm with our 2 little boys. All are given a non gmo grain/ hay diet from crops we produce here on our farm as well. They are all antibiotic and hormone free. They are ethically and humanely raised and when ready for processing are taken to a USDA inspected facility, we do not process them ourselves. We retain a retail food licence and are inspected yearly by the USDA to sell out of our store and is displayed on the wall. Our goal is to provide delicious healthy tasting meat for our community.

Our farm was officially established in 2012, we bought our home, and where our cattle operation is in spring of 2013 and married the following fall. I grew up on a dairy farm and missed cows so we bought a few in 2015 after our first son was born. When the first set of steers were ready for processing we started selling out of a small freezer in our basement. When word got out about our delicious meat we quickly grew out of our basement and into our garage, we added more freezers along with pigs to raise. We ended up getting our retail food licence and it got to the point where we out grew our garage so we decided to remodel the store that was on our property when we bought our place and added chicken. It has continued to grow ever since.

We also own and operate the farm just north of our home and cattle operation. We farm 2100 acres. In the fall my husband runs the combine and I run the grain cart, our kids love riding in the big equipment. It is a busy life for sure but we love every minute of it and cant imagine raising our boys any other way.